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The Best Open Floor Plans for Homes with Small Space

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Floor Plans for Homes
Open floor plans for homes are great choice for small home design since it will ease the openness and movement inside your home. It works by making the kitchen as a focal point and using a single space to combine the living and dining areas. It is a more modern home design that brings warmer atmosphere and it is increasingly popular applied in single level homes today. Besides, this design is also practical for its perfection for entertaining, more flexible and provide more natural light to optimize the design.

More Flexible Design

Open floor plan is simple but more flexible. Mostly, it has a large space and has a kitchen as the focal point. The space also provides easier entertaining because the guests can move freely amongst the living and dining spaces as well as the kitchen. Besides, this design also commonly provides easy access to backyard and bathroom facilities.

Simple Floor Plans for Homes

The Design of the Main Room  

Kitchen often an important point in the overall design of floor plans for homes because it is the focal point of the house. The kitchen is designed as beautiful as possible by applying best materials and special features. The homeowners commonly use customized cabinets to use the space optimally. Besides, they also should apply smart lighting and appliances in modern design to complete the style. Make the room to have multiple uses if the family room gets more focuses of design. Also create the spaces for watching TV, reading or playing games too.

Pros and Cons

The first benefit of this home design is the larger entertaining space. It will also ease the movement of food and beverages transporting. Besides, it is also great design for small home to get larger look. However, it also has some cons such as the more challenging decorating to make the rooms don’t look empty and hollow. When you make a party, this kinds of home design will make you difficult to separate children and adults because of the open floor plans for homes.

Interior Design Ideas Bedroom in Greek Style and Small Space

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Interior Design Ideas Bedroom
Interior design ideas bedroom in Greek style is a perfect choice for those who have small space of bedroom. Many white elements in the Greek style will reflect the light and bring larger look inside the bedroom. Make sure you choose furniture and décor that really show the classic Greek style, breezy islands and also minimalist style.

White Elements

Most Greek homes apply white color to capture and then reflect the natural light, especially the seaside houses. To optimize the Greek style, then you should paint bedroom’s walls and ceilings in white as well as apply white bedding. Balance the white base with rustic wooden pieces of furniture and see the nice contrast on the color blending.

Breezy Curtains

For most popular places in Greece are positioned by the sea, then you should bring the atmosphere through the interior design ideas bedroom. Apply some long, transparent, white curtains that will swirl beautifully even in the small breeze. The transparent curtains will not cover the sight although it is closed, so you can get the more spacious illusion in the small bedroom.

Home Interior Design Ideas Bedroom

The Accents of Blue

Also apply some accents of blue in the bedroom décor to bring the ocean impression. You can apply the blue accents on the pillows, curtain ties, vases, area rug, etc. You can choose some variations of blue color but still in the same shade. It is important to decrease the visual clutter that may make the room looks increasingly small.

More Elements of Greek Style

To optimize the Greek look, you can add more elements of the style such as pillars of old temples like in Greece, pictures of the Greek, the flag, etc. Add the elements into the bedroom décor if you think that the theme isn’t strong enough. Therefore, you can make a perfect interior design ideas bedroom in Greek style.

Best Floor Plan Design Software and Online Tool for Free

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Best Floor Plan Design Software
Best Floor Plan Design Software - It is pretty common for people hiring the professionals for helping them build their home. They choose hiring the professional because they want to make sure that they make the right investment with their home. They have to spend money for paying the professional but it is worth it because people will be able to get efficiency in every single aspect. Nevertheless, it will be a little bit different when people just want to make a floor plan for a single room. It must be a great waste for hiring professional in this circumstance. They do not need professional help when they just want to remodel the existing room as well.

This will not be big matter at all for people creating floor plan for a single room if they know the best floor plan design software such as AutoCAD. However, this software can be too complicated for many people. That is why they should consider the simpler online tools which can help them make the floor plan without taking the professional help. There is no need to worry because creating a room can be done simply by using some of online tools below. The most important part which people should consider is about the fact that it can be used for free.

Best Home Floor Plan Design Software

From various online tools which can be found, people will find the most accessible as well as intuitive option from Home Styler. The tool for planning the floor can be used right away without registration needed. The elements which can be chosen from are extensive so people can make the best customization for the floor plan. Another great online tool which can be found must be RoomSketcher. People will find the design which is more elegant and interface which is more streamlined. Full featured online tool can be found from Planning Wiz.

Tips to Draw Cottage Style House Plans

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Before drawing cottage style house plans, you should know some tips to develop the design well. A home in cottage style is popular in Europe. It has some similarities with the Midwestern’s farm house and United States’ plain states house style.

Find the Cottage Style House Plans

Cottage Style House Plans

When you plan to design cottage style house plans, you have to have some examples about the homes. You can ask some friends or find some books that can give more information about this type of house plans. Learn how the design is made, both exterior and interior. So you can understand about the design elements associated with the home type.

Review the House Plans You Get

After you have seen the buildings of some homes in cottage style, then you need to request the copies of the house plans. You can get the house plans from the office of building inspector or contact an architect that is specialist of cottage style home designing. By finding the house plans copies and reviewing the plans, you can draw yours in the cottage style.  

Cottage Style House Plans

Get the Software to Draw the House Plans  

Before drawing the house plans, you need the software that will ease the process. There are some templates that can become the samples of the house designs in cottage style. You can learn much about how to create the house plans from the samples. If you are a beginner in using the software, find one that is newbie-friendly so the using of the software will be easier.

Work Together with Home Builder or Architect

Home builder and architect are professionals that will become the best place to consult. They will provide the expertise to design the house plans in cottage style well. Working with them will make the design you make will be exact and look perfect as what you look for about cottage style house plans.

Tips to Maximize the Space in House Plans for Narrow Lots

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House plans for narrow lots are increasingly wanted today. The increasing density of urban and the high costs of property become the common reasons. To make the house feels more spacious and cozy enough, learn some tips below.

House Plans for Narrow Lots

Build Covered Terrace or Sunroom and Vertical House

The additional covered yard will increase living space in your house without expanding the boundaries. On the other hand, maximizing the vertical space is a great idea used by city planners too. Build the house vertically and arrange comfortable living area inside. Be creative to use some stories. For example, position the garage and den in grass level and then place the main doors upstairs including the living area and kitchen. Meanwhile, the third story will be the place for bedrooms.

Make More Interior Windows

More interior windows will bring more natural lights into your home and it will make larger look. Install the interior windows with glass blocks for more privacy. Additionally, decrease the sums of dividing walls to create more spacious illusion inside your home.

House Plans for Narrow Lots

Eliminate Unnecessary Rooms  

The house plans for narrow lots will look increasingly narrow if you have more rooms with full walls. Make it more airy by combining some rooms in one. For example, don’t make walls between the kitchen, living room and living area. By maximizing the long lines like aligning the large entrances among rooms will create the overall space larger.  

Side Gables on Upper Stories for Cozier Atmosphere  

Side gables can be used to transform the attic space to become a nice bedroom. It is actually the roof cutouts that could be additional space to live. Make varied style to the roof gables by adding dormer as well as eyebrow windows. Adding side gables can be suitable for most architecture design. Building side gables will provide more useful rooms in the upper story in the house plans for narrow lots.

Office Interior Design Ideas to Make Employees Work Comfortably

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Office Interior Design IdeasOffice interior design ideas will surely be needed by business owners wanting to remodel their office. An office is the other place we spend much of our time. It is supposed to be a comfortable and enjoyable to be in. A great office should give the people working inside feel enthusiastic to work that will increase their productivity. How should a great office interior be to give comfort to employees in order for them to work productively?

Ideas for comfortable office interior designs:

• It is suggested that business owners invest pieces of furniture with high quality. Remember, you like your employees to work effectively, if the desk you buy is not good then your employees will get back pain so easily. Have a great piece of technology that is put in such away on a high quality piece of furniture. That will definitely make the technology things are used properly.

• Have a logo of your business attached on the walls where clients and business partners can see it clearly. Add some suitable accessories to accompany the logo. Make sure the logo becomes the focal point.

• Set a great lighting system which is not too bright or too dim for your office. Too bright light will definitely hurt people’s eyes and too dim light will make your employees get sleepy.

Contemporary Office Interior Design Ideas

• Provide a place for your employees to have break. The place is not only for having meals, it is also supposed to be the place for them to reflect if they make mistakes, the place for them to get inspiration, to take a rest, to get together with other employees, etc. The place should be completed with plants to make it fresh.

• Have filing system that is organized and tidy. The files should be put in cabinet that is put somewhere that can be easily found.

• It is strongly suggested not to put any pieces of furniture near any doors in your office. Doors are supposed to be able to open without obstacles. People should come and go easily through the doors. This will make employees work fast.

To add office interior designs we cannot forget that every office needs supplies that will be a must to have. What are they?

Things every office needs to have:

• Desk supplies
• Technology
• Paper
• Stationary
• Furniture and storages
• Software
• Etc.

What do you think? How about your office design interior? It is great if the article about office interior design ideas is beneficial to you.

Interior Design Ideas Living Room for Luxurious Look

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Interior design ideas living room will be needed by those wanting to complete their living room with furniture and accessories. A living room is one of the most important rooms of a house. This is the place where we entertain our guests and the place where we get together with the whole family having fun.

Interior design ideas living room

What should a living room be?

-      Comfortable
- Relaxing
- Inviting
- warm

The pieces of furniture, accessories, and other things to fill this room should be both beautiful and functional. However, we need to be careful not to make it too stuffy and unorganized. How should our living room look? What is the best interior design for our living room? If you want to have a luxurious look of your living room, take a look at the ideas below.

Interior design ideas for a living room:

Best Interior design ideas living room

•  Consider accessories to decorate your living room with simple design. It is fine to show your collections, but be careful, don’t show all of them otherwise your living room will be like a gallery or a library. Remember its function—the place to entertain your guest and have fun with family, if it is too stuffy, you and the others won’t be able to move freely.

• A television set is usually put in a living room so it is great if the TV set is put behind a nice mirror or hung on the wall nicely surrounded by your art collections which go well with the TV set design.

• Complete your sofa with cushions made from good quality of textiles with beautiful prints that show your personality and lifestyle.

• Consider a set of coffee table to complete your sofa. Three coffee tables with different size can be put in front of the sofa in such away. The big one can be used for putting your family photos, the middle size is for snacks and glasses or cups, etc to entertain guests, the little one is for magazines, etc.

• Find a focal point for your living room. It can be a piece of art with a big size that is attached on the wall. It also can be a vintage lamp with unique design or brighter color hanging on the ceiling, etc.

• Mirror will work wonder if the living room is small. It will greatly help the living room look bigger.

• Make sure the accessories, pieces of furniture, and other things to put in your living room are the mixture of metals, wood, textiles, glass, and leather in good quality for a long-lasting use.

How about that? Don’t you think it’s easy to make our living room look luxurious? It is great if the article about interior design ideas living room can get you inspired.

House Plans with Porches: Building a House with Front Porch

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House plans with porches are interesting, don’t you think? Porches are nice to have in our house. Porches are really useful to welcome our friends, family, and relatives. Some people have a front porch, a back porch, a screened porch, and a wraparound porch. Do you know how those kinds of porches are?

House Plans with Porches

Kinds of porches of a house:

• Front porch is used to keep up with the neighborhood.

• A back porch is usually used to see the lake or beach at the back side of the neighborhood. This porch is usually less formal since it is also as the way to connect the kitchen with the back garden.

• A screened porch is usually used for people who love to enjoy seeing a garden but afraid to be bitten by bugs.

• A wraparound porch is to extend a living room or dining room where we can enjoy the garden. Let’s take a look at the ideas below to have a dream house with front porch below.

Ideas for a house plan with front porch:

House Plans with Front Porches

• The front porch you have should be inviting if it used to welcome your guests. If it is just a space for you to shake your guests’ hands and welcome them in your living room, you should make it like an intro to see your whole house design. The porch shouldn’t be different in style or design from the whole house.

• If your porch is small and you intend to use it as a space to entertain your guests, you will have to go vertical for accessories in your front porch. Take advantage most of the walls and ceiling. Make sure that the accessories are not too big.

• When we put pieces of furniture in a large front porch, we seem to be easy to do it. We can put a set of sofa together with a seat with swing, an easy chair, and tables. The accessories, plant, and fresh flowers can decorate this large porch. For a small porch, we can at least have a sofa for two people, folded chairs that can be used only if we have more than one guest, a folded table, an ottoman that can be used as a coffee table and as a seat.

• When we talk about accessories for our porch we cannot forget about curtains to block the sunlight. The curtain should be tied in order not to wave.

We can see that a porch is so functional, right? So, it is worth trying to have at least the most important porch—the front porch in our house. It is hoped that the article about house plans with porches will give you inspiration.

Tips to Make Small Cottage House Plans

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Small Cottage House Plans
Small cottage house plans are needed by those who want to build one for their family to spend holiday. Many people love to live in a cottage house since they look cozy, informal, unique, and woodsy. You know how it looks, right? What are the characteristics of a cottage house?

A cottage house usually has:

• a gable roof
• a shingle roof
• board and batten outside walls
• stucco walls
• a small porch
• a bay window
• a balcony

A cottage house is usually like the one we see in children story books that is why it is interesting to live in. Nowadays, people usually use this kind of house in summer holiday. The location of the cottage house is usually by the beach or lake. If you want to make a cottage house plan, you will have to pay attention to these important things below:

Small Cottage House Plans

• In making plans you should know that the doors of cottage house, especially the front door is usually a screen door accompanied by a big window. The doors and the windows are usually in different color with the walls. Choose the color that is contrast to the walls’ color which is usually whites.

• You know that a cottage house usually has a porch. Make sure you design cozy seats in the porch. Some people have an easy chair or a swing in a porch.

• A cottage house generally has window boxes, make sure you have shutters for them. A cottage house is usually used in summer holiday, right? It is usually hot outside, so the windows should have shutters. Not to mention, that these shutters will give artistic value to the outside design of the house.

•  For the outside designs of the cottage house, make sure that you have climbing plants that will cover your cottage house. So, once you build this kind of house, make sure you plant roses, ivies, or clematis right away. It takes time for them to grow, right? Those plants will really make your cottage house look beautiful and cozy. Don’t forget to have a path made from stones that will lead you from the gate to the porch. Since people love to get together in the porch in their cottage house talking, don’t forget to have flower beds in the garden. These will make your house even more beautiful.

Whether you want to make a big or small cottage house, you have to pay attention to those things above. Those things really make it different from other kinds of house. It is hoped that the article about small cottage house plans will guide you to make a beautiful small cottage house for you and your family.

House Plans for Sale: Choosing the Best House Plans

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House Plans for SaleThe house plans for sale brochures are attached everywhere when we visit House Exhibitions. It is so easy to shop a house now, we can just go to Real Estate Developer Offices and you will be handled by nice people who will be happy explaining the floor plans of houses they offer. If you just go there without knowing what to choose, you will get lost. Since there are many kinds of house types available.

Things to do to get the best house for your family:

•  Make sure you discuss with your spouse first to know what the whole family want and need.

•  It is better if you go to the developer offices with your spouse and take your time.

• You can’t be in a hurry to choose a house for you.

In the developer offices you will be shown the floor plans and mock-ups of houses. Do you know how to choose the best house plans for you?

How to choose the best plans:

Modern House Plans for Sale

•  First thing first is you know the right size of a house for your family. Should the house be large? Do you have small kids and teens to move freely in your house? All the family needs should come first.

• Pay attention to the house location. Is it too far from your office? Is it too far from your kids’ school? How about the neighborhood? Is the neighborhood kid-friendly? Don’t hesitate to ask so many questions to the people handling you. Make sure you know what your priority is.

• Ask the people who explain to you about the floor plans to suggest you with furniture you and your family may need to fill every room in the house. Think about the furniture you already have, should they be reused in the new house? Will they fit well with the new house? Should you buy new ones?

•  Make sure you ask if the floor plans can be modified or not. For example, if you don’t like a bath tub in your kids’ bathroom and you like a shower instead, tell them what you wish.

• Last but not least, make sure you have the budget for your house to be. The budget you will use for the house payment should have been discussed with your spouse. Be wise with your budget, and be sure you know that you will need more money to add or to buy new furniture for your new house.

It is hoped that the article about the house plans for sale will guide you to buy the best house for you and your family. Good Luck!

What to Consider Before Making House Plans and Designs

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The House plans and designs really need to decide well whether you want to renovate your house or build the best house you have been dreaming of. You probably will hire an architect to offer you some plans and design for your house to be. What should you do when your architect shows you some floor plans to discuss?

House plans and designs

What to do when your architect shows the floor plans of your house:

• You have to make sure that you really understand the floor plans he or she shows you.

• Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you don’t understand.

• Make sure the floor plan you choose suits your personality and lifestyle.

Your architect may be great in convincing you about the best plan and design for your house to be, still you need to consider some things before saying yes to the best house plan and design he or she offers.

Best House plans and designs

Things to consider before deciding a house plan and design:

• If the architect offers you a floor plan of a multi-story house, make sure you discuss this with your family together with the architect. Remember, some people don’t like multi-story houses. Ask yourself if you and your family be okay with a multi-story house.

• Make sure the floor plan meets your family’s needs. If you have small kids, make sure you have larger space for the kids to move.

• Pay attention to the living room. If you are often visited by friends, family, and relatives, you will probably need to have a large one. Or if you like to invite many people to your dinner party, make sure the kitchen or the dining room is larger enough to accommodate your guests.

• Pay attention to the outdoor part. Do you need a garden? Do you want to have a swimming pool? If you wish to have a swimming pool where you can invite your guests to have dinner by the pool, then tell your architect what you want.

Even when people have made up their mind about the plan and design for their house to be, people may be unsatisfied with the result of the house. So, be careful with the plans and designs for your house to be. Make sure all the house plans and designs meet your personality and lifestyle.

Interior Design Living Room

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Interior Design Living Room
This is inspiration ideas for your interior design living room.  From furniture arrangement for living room into color scheme, from upholstery into curtain styles ideas, here are great living room interior design ideas that can help you to define your most living room interior designs.

When you need interior design for your living room, it means that you need to determine the styles for your living room theme and décor. Here, the silver accents in your living room can add the sophisticated look.  There are cool metal touch in several furniture items and decor accents. For example, the scrolling mirror, the legs from the coffee table, and even when you have fireplace in your living room, you can add the silver accent andirons for chic silver look. When you have formal living room design, then what you need to set in your living room is furniture that less entertaining and make all people in your living room focus with what happen in your living room. The oval furniture arrangement in the living room chair and table set will help to do this look.

The other factors that you need to consider when design interior design for living room is the color schemes. There never goes wrong when you go into all spaces white. Do not worries it will give effect of hospital look as you can add different textures into your all white living room design. You also able to strike the neutral living room with some pattern splatter. The bold design in sofa pillow and paintings in neutral living room can add new textures and depth. When your living room is also doubled duty as entry ways, then you can put the two chairs separated and lining wall with true welcoming wallpaper paint. Keep the furniture appropriated with the rug installed in under the chair.

Best Interior Design for Home

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Best Interior Design for HomeWhen we dream for our home sweet home, we have imagined perfect interior design for home that suit with our requirement and lifestyles.  Some of us interested much in making a pool in backyard create path way in front or create patio and sunny room in our porch. Some of us looking for traditional and other s are looking for modern one. No matter what elements that makes your home perfect and unique, there are your lifestyles and fantasies for your home sweet home.

These unique home improvements can be your inspiration for create unique home interior design for any room in your home. From the display collections, storage options, and many more can enhance your home look.  The first design is for your beauty rest and mind, aquarium bed. Instead install headboard for your bed, then install an aquarium headboard will be fun for you to seeing fish right in your bed headboard. The nightstand with drawer below can be use for storage option.  Next, create indoor-outdoor pool in your second floor pool will make your access to outside and indoor is great.

You can make direct access from indoor bathroom into pool in outdoor.

Interior Design for Home

Have children’s room in upstairs second floor home? Then create spiral stairs with slide can be great access for your children with fun. Built from wood, it will give nature elements in your modern home style. Still with stairs, you can create much innovation and creation with under stairs. You can create storage from it, start from shoes storage, even into book and clothes.  Even, when you need additional room for your guests, you can create under bed in your under stairs. There are many ways you can use your under stairs, it could be sliding storage as drawer or as opened shelves.  Just suits with your storage requirements and styles.

Free Small House Floor Plans

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Small House Floor PlansIf you looking for several small house plans then these ideas can be your inspirations.  When you have small house plans, there is advantage for efficient space use that will makes your home look and feeling larger. To make it true, then you need to make small house plans that have strong door connection that will adds the spaciousness feeling into your small floor plans. The other advantage when you consider small house floor plans, it also easier to build and maintain, and affordable.  Here are some small house floor plans that you are able to try for your space.

When you build small house, it should be cozy not be a cramped. The perfect small floor plans for small house are open floor plans. This is other way for space savings in small space. You also can do the efficient way for small house floor plans by separate dining room in everyday eating nook that it has open space into kitchen easily.  Consider for multi use space such as mini kitchen island that can be functional well as space for food preparation, breakfast bar, and serving buffet. Porches and decks in small floor plans are great ideas for adding living spaces.

Free Small House Floor Plans

Since build small house floor plans commonly get less cost in material, land and labor, and then you can invest in other such as high quality flooring, appliances, and doors and windows. This means that small floor house plans may unable for having luxury kitchen or master suite bedroom, but you still able to design easy interaction between the areas when you choose the open floor plans.  For example, you can determine to make open area in large space for your living room, dining room and kitchen at once.  The small house floor plan is great for family first buyer home or those who need easy manage home.

Modern Ranch Style House Plans

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Modern Ranch Style House PlansFor you who want to enjoy traditional feel home, choosing ranch style house plans is good idea to take. House in ranch house style reflects the traditional and practical enclosures for your home designs.  The modern ranch house style will still considered the traditional architecture from post WWII era, where it accommodate the plenty area land. In other side, the classic ranch style house plans featured with combined living room and dining area with kitchen that separated with hallway for bedroom leading and other parts in the home.    There are several ranch house styles that available for your option, start from rectangular design, L-shaped, or the U-home plans.

In general, the asymmetrical ranch house style plans are built use low-pitched siding gable or with hipped roof and attached large garage. In the front gate, the entry way could be protected use small portico or with recessed porch design. Commonly, the house also featured with large windows and it has few element of decorative.  It also have shutter save and support for porch roof. The ranch home variations usually come with split level and split foyer. These most becomes the characteristic from ranch house style.  Here the architectural features that common in ranch house style plans; the wide and ramble of shallow footprint with attached garage, the pictures window and sliding door patio, and single story low pitched roof.

Ranch Style House Plans

Need inspiration for your ranch house style plans? This can be your examples.  With area count in 1.668 square feet, this house style featured with 3 beds, 2 bath areas, 1 story, and 2 garages.  The garage designed with rolling door that makes it easier to open. The porch has stairs in the middle with pillars in the end of porch and the low. It has wide windows and the door with Venetian style that makes the house look classic.