Best Home Design

Best Home Design
Considering the Size of Kitchen Cabinet and Drawers

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According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, 12 inch wide kitchen cabinet is a standard size of non-custom kitchen cabinetry, increasing by 3-inch increments. However, if the standard size does not fit into your design, you can easily ask for custom kitchen cabinet and drawers from a cabinetmaker. Though the price for a custom work is generally higher, you can get a cabinet made to your exact specifications. The association recommends that kitchens with 150 square feet or less have at least 120 inches of cabinet. If the size of the kitchen is larger than 150 square feet, the size of the cabinet increases to 165 inches. Most kitchens have a variety of cabinet depths to provide different storage needs. It is suggested to evaluate your storage needs before choosing kitchen cabinet sizes to make sure you have adequate space.

12 inch wide kitchen cabinet

12 inch deep base cabinets

Kitchen cabinet is available in various styles and materials. Cheaper cabinet and drawers are often made of medium-density fiberboard or plywood. Some manufacturers use such inexpensive woods on the inside part of kitchen cabinets and use solid hardwood for the fronts. More expensive kitchen cabinetry is generally made of solid hardwood throughout. If you want to replace existing cabinet, it is important to get exact measurements to make sure proper fit of the new one. The size of the kitchen cabinet must remain the same unless you want to replace the entire cabinet.

kitchen base cabinets with drawers

When designing a new kitchen, placement of the cabinet and drawers is something important. You have to consider where the logical place would be to keep certain items. For example, a kitchen drawer for potholders must be placed near the oven, while a kitchen drawer for towels is more useful by the sink. Wide kitchen cabinet can hold long rolls of plastic wrap, and the narrow ones might contain some items that have to be stored safely away from other utensils. So, it is good to follow the instruction to use a 12 inch wide kitchen cabinet.

Why You Need Oversized Garage Door

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When designing a garage, it is important take some time to consider the size of the garage door. It is good to think that you may need 10 ft. tall garage door. You also should consider increasing the size of the garage. Even if you have only a single medium size car, it is good to consider spending some extra money to make larger garage, as well as oversized garage door. Standard garage door will be able to accommodate a medium size car but not ordinary pickup truck or large SUV. In many cases an 8 ft. high door will not give an enough vertical clearance. Many times the mirrors of trucks will be unable to make through a 7 ft. width garage door.

10 ft tall garage door

10 foot garage door rough opening

If you do the project with builder and architect, you will find that you do not need to spend much more to increase the garage height. A garage with 11 ft. high side walls will accommodate a 10 ft. door. So, why do you need it? If you have a pickup truck, sooner or later you will have it loaded with a high load, which will easily make it into the garage because of the weather. If you use the roof rack of your SUV with a luggage box, it will be unable to go through a standard 7 foot high garage door, so you need a oversized garage door.

9x10 garage door

In many cases people will opt for a 10 ft. tall garage door. The door gives you the width you need. Designing and building a home with an oversized garage door is a good investment. Though if you never use the garage to its full potential, bigger garage will appeal to a larger market especially if you want to sell your home. Large garage door sizes allow the next owner to store all their toys in the garage easily.

Two Ideas Of Best Book For Software Architecture

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Are you in love with the architecture subject? Well, architecture is one of the great study subject, which will bring you having a nice future. Yes, it is because architect has high level in salary when they get project. In order to have the bright future, of course you need to study hard. Talking about the architecture subjeect, here we will talk about kinds of best book for software architecture, which could accompany your study time. See some ideas of book for software architecture below and get many experiences and new knowledge from it.

Book For Software Architecture

Software architecture: foundation, theory and practice 

It is the first kind of the book for software architecture, which you need to read. This book includes in top 10 must read book about architecture. Here, several people, as Richard N Taylor, Nenad, John Wiley, and Eric, write this book in 2009. This book is so great because it tells about many theory of architecture, which could be the best foundation of your knowledge. In other hand, this book is written with the academic style, so it is easier to be understood because of its systematically writing style.

Best Book For Software Architecture

Pattern-oriented software architecture

The second great book that could be used to learn more about architecture is pattern-oriented software architecture, which is written by Frank Buschmann, Regine Meunier, and friends in 1996. This book is actually the volume 1. It is one of the best book for software architecture, which tells about the kinds of the pattern of architecture with some detail discussions. In other hand, this one of book for software architecture also becomes the reference in some colleges. However, this book becomes rare now. Well, you may collect the e-book of it. I am sure that you will love this book much!

Home Interior Warehouse

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Shop home interior warehouse can give you many inspiration and ideas for your home decoration and design. There are many interior and design furniture that will make your home improvement look extraordinary. No matter your home interior design, there are contemporary, modern, vintage or minimalist, there are many optional interior warehouse for your needs. You can choose items from hundreds options that can improve your home as fit as with your style. Furniture and decorating items is interior elements that cannot separately from interior design. These both will bring life into your space and you need to choose right items for your room.

Home Interior Warehouse

Choosing right item for your interior furniture is not as simple as it just beauty look, but you also need to choose from its functionality, last into years, details and quality from the items. If you are no have any idea for choosing the right one, having help from professional will very helpful.  If you want to choose right items, start from decide on what exactly home interior warehouse that you really need in your home. Measure the space before you go to the home interior warehouse shop so you can imagine in your mind how the item should be place. The most important when you choose a furniture, it should be efficiently and useful in the room where it settled.  Next are asses to your architecture. It is important for look to your home architecture and decides whether an item is not look good when it set in the space. Your interior designer can help you to choose what the best that can fit with your home architecture and style.

Home Interior Warehouse

Your home has a theme and styles, right? Then you should choose selecting items that reasonably into your home theme. Theme will reflect on your personality and styles. For diverse look, you can mix and match furniture in finest art. For person who up to date styles, the modern style theme is perfect. The last but not least when you are buying interior for your home, always invests your money. Furniture is investment, and then you need to buy with reasonably price with the quality and aesthetic. Choosing an item that match with your theme but sacrificing for detail can make you loss investment when it is out of date. Take advantage from the item that will add beauty, storage function and many more. You can get when you choose right home interior warehouse.

Home Interior Games Online

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There are many home interior games that can stimulate your skill in designing home interior. The interior game is also interesting for girls for playing. This game perhaps likely similar with they play their real doll house at their room. They can play mix and match color for their room paint, arrange furniture, and many more. There are several games that free and some are paid.  There also games that needs to download or play in online without downloading the game.   If you want to download and play this home interior game, then you can choose from these several games options. These games ideas can download free or paid depend from the provider.

Home interior games

The first game is Design This Home games. It is free and offers a lot of customization for those who play this game. In this game, players are able to assume for having virtual home with possible floor plans to choose. There is 9 rooms available for decorate as their desire. The game also allows you to choose wall texture and floor texture and with more than 700 furniture items to choose. It is depend how player combine the items to create great design interior. Next home interior games Home Sweet Home game. This is real estate game that involves variety wide range of virtual lifestyle. This game is focus in home décor. In this game, player is challenged for finding best way for meet with demands for create the space look. This game is need to purchase due to play able in the PC with download $2.99.

Home interior games

Next game is Home Design Story. Unlike other game interior above that interior design become side quest or bonus, in this Home Design Story is specifically for home design purposes. Starts from designing small spaces, then continue into larger spaces with more options for decorating. Each room that available in the game is able to modify with wide range of combinations that will create awesome interior design. This is game that free for iPhone and iPad. Next game that recommended for interior home games is Interior Home Decoration. This is free online game for girl.  This game is available to play in full screen when it is play in browse without any downloading the game installation. This is interactive home interior games that will challenge your girl for décor the interior home with accessories and furniture to mix and match and create room interior design.

Home Interior Concepts Ideas

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Are you looking for home interior concepts for your home remodeling or new home build? There are many concepts of home interior that you can inspire. Start from minimalist, vintage, modern, or contemporary concept interior ideas. The concept of home interior that you can choose is depending to your style and your requirement. You also need to consider the space that you have in your home.  if you think that you can make your interior concept that unique and different from others, then you can read this below.  This can help you to choose and learn interior design and concepts you can apply. Here are several ideas for your home interior concepts that you can choose for your home.

Home Interior Concepts

Next step that you need to know before start designing concept for your interior is consider the functional layout. You can start create functional layout by using online tools for room plans and design. You can create optimal room layout without moving furniture or imagining in your head. Your functionality is depending to your styles. Consider the requirements of your individual needs when design home interior concepts. Next is splurging your interior seating design. Choose right seating option for a room can be such things that need to be discuses deep. Choose the colors, the size and amount of seating the need to be set in your room space.  Too much seats can make your room crowded and tight. Next step that you need to consider when you are designing home interior concept is decorating items. Choose decorative objects that it really needs to set. There are many people that place decorative objects that not in right place. Choose decorative items that suit with your style statement and add your interior concepts.

For your home interior, adding green plants in your home can means fresh spot in your home. This natural element can add warm and spirit from the room interior concepts especially if the concepts you choose is minimalist and tropical design. For adding visual warmth, you are also able to add layer to your interior concept.  You can add layer from area rugs, pillow cushions, or curtains layer in windows for create layer effects that can create dramatic effect. With these home interior concepts you are able to start create functional interior concepts that can use maximum space into your four wall space and make it as sweetest home for you and your family.

Best Home Interior Nativity Set

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Make your home look more religious with home interior nativity set. This home nativity set will make your home look peace and artistic at once. There are many shops that provide this nativity set. This nativity set will be perfect when you set in fireplace, cabinet display, and many more. It is not limited to set in your prayer room. You can set in any room, in your living room, in your dining room and bedroom.  If you want to display this nativity set, you can choose from wide range set such as inspired ideas below.

Home interior nativity set
Home interior nativity set
The first idea is best home nativity set for kitchen. This is home nativity set that considered from 7 statue person, baby Jesus and lamb. The set is added with golden stars to hanging in besides of the sets that added the aesthetic look. If you want to display nativity set in your display living room, this nativity set next can be your inspiration to buy. It has mini straw house that draw the stall where Jesus born. The other statue is around the straw rounded the baby Jesus. The next idea is vintage nativity set of 13 pieces of porcelain for your home interior decoration. There is camel statue, peoples, angel, baby Jesus, donkey and mother Maria. Those porcelain nativity set is made with colorful paint so it will add colors when you set in your home. The amount of piece also varies start from 9 pieces that considered as the story tell when these people present when Jesus born.

Home interior nativity set
Home interior nativity set picture
Next, for you who want to have simply nativity set, this all white nativity set can be your inspiration to buy. Made from white porcelain, this nativity look elegant to set in your living room display cabinet or in beyond your television set. Added with silver cross, it added the religious look. This home nativity set also can be package for your gifts. This will be perfect gifts for your friends or family Christmas gift. If you want to buy Christmas gift with nativity set, then you can choose this idea. This is home interior nativity set that considered from 12 sets pieces.  The straw house is awesome to build with camel, lamb and donkey. The next idea is home interior nativity set that draw then humanity picture. It has straw house that made from twigs and thatched roof, lamb and donkey around the baby Jesus and people.

Home Interior Paint Ideas Combination

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Here are home interior paint ideas that you can apply for your home improvement.  Paint color ideas is crucial things that need to consider when décor your home. It will create your home impressions and theme. Here great paint color ideas that will make your home improvement look extraordinary from before. The first ideas to color your home is creates welcoming colors for your front door. The bright and colorful pallet such as yellow, blue navy and blue sky is perfect for your welcoming front door. In addition, this can be applied for your fast make over home improvement. Next, foyer or entryways is next space that becomes your home first impression inside.  The bright pink color that combines with white in down half right in the foot step is great focal point for your home interior paint color ideas.

Home Interior Paint Color Ideas
Home Interior Paint Ideas Combinations

Next room that will be inspired from home interior is dining room. If usually a dining room has formal look with white or neutral color pallet, you can make it little different with more colors to fun. Add the rainbow color in your dining room. It will make your little children love to sit in your dining room and enjoy their meals quietly. Move to next room, the places where people gather and meet the guests, the living room. In this area, you can combine several unusual home interior paint ideas for your living room.  For example, you can go into dark and cozy living room with gray color option. You are also able to combine bright color for airy feeling in your living room.

Home Interior Paint Ideas
Home Interior Paint Ideas Pics
Move to more private room in your home, the bedroom. For your bedroom, you need to choose right color for your bedroom as it is place for you to rest and release stress and tired after activity in a day. For this bedroom, you can choose the calm color hues such as white or soft color pallet. Choose color that can re-boost and re-energize your spirit such as red, soft purple, blue, and white. For small space, you can choose white for colors option as it can make the room bigger feeling.  There are many color varies that you can choose for your interior color paints. Choose from dark hues that suit with your style and home theme. You can surprise on how magnificent and right home interior paint ideas will change your home remodeling sensation and look.

Trying to Draw Your Own House Design and Floor Plans

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That will be a good idea to draw your own house if you have such the great idea to deal with the need in getting such the way in dealing with the perfect house as you have dream about. There are so many ideas in making a perfect dream house, but still, you are the only person who really know what you want and need regarding to your dream house. That is the reason why it is a good idea for designing your home yourself without dealing with a lot of worse things anymore. What you can do is actually really simple since you only need to know what you want and also need. You also need to know well about the condition of the land exactly. That is about the layout, the contour, the space, and so on. Those are really important to be considered before you are going to get such the perfect idea to deal with the need of perfect house. You also need to consider and plan your house’s floor plans as well in order to ensure all your need regarding to the house can be fulfilled.

Draw Your Own House Design

The Proper Design

The proper design is essential and you can make your own design by yourself. You can find a lot of ideas and references by online or even from any sources as like magazines. That will also help you to determine what kind and style of home you want to build. Then, you can draw your own house for determining your home design. That is including for the façade of your home which will represent much of your home. You can draw it manually or even digitally. It is all up to you which one will make you getting the simplicity and comfort for making the design properly and clearly.

Dealing with Floor Plans

Draw Your Own House Design

Besides dealing with the design of your house, it is also important to also create the floor plans of your house will be. That will also give you such the imagination regarding to the plan of the house. So, you can also determine whether that will be suitable the most to your need and the purposes or not. That is what you need to do. You can draw the floor plans as the way to be sure that you have the proper design of the house which is suitable the most to the purpose and your need. Then, you can still make some changes to your design to make it perfect. So, that is why it is good to draw your own house and the floor plans properly.

Getting the Ideas of Simple Two Storey House Design with Floor Plans

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The simple two storey house design will be completely needed if you are totally interested in having such the simple house which would not require you to spend much money for building it and also for the maintenance. Dealing with the proper maintenance and also the proper building for the house would not be really difficult and hard. That will be something great for any of you to deal with the need of the proper design with the proper floor plans as well. Both of them are totally needed to be created early since both of them are really important to help you getting the perfect result of the house as you want and need. That is especially if you are interested in having the adorable yet enjoyable house. It will also be good to make it totally useful even though you have such the limited space of the land. So, creating a house with two storeys will be a good idea for you. Still, the proper management of the space is still needed so that you also need to consider and prepare the floor plans for dealing with that need.

Building the Simplicity

two storey house design

It is a good idea for you who are planning to build a simple house to really notice about the simplicity. If you are not into a house with the complicated look and even complicated maintenance, it is better to get the simple design of your house. Getting the ideas of the two storey house design will be a good idea to notice about the simplicity. You can avoid any unnecessary details of the house. You also need to consider the design which would not require you to deal with the high and complicated maintenance in the future. That will be what you need in dealing with such the simplicity.

Floor Plans

simple two storey house design

Besides dealing with the design of the house, you also need to manage the house. You need to plan it early by creating the floor plans of your house. That will also be more needed if you have the limited space home which requires the proper way in managing the space properly. Then, if it is made before you make the house or build it, you will know what you might need to change there if you feel the design of the house is not that proper or necessary for your need. That is the reason why you need to create not only the two storey house design but also the floor plans which will also be needed much.

Kitchen Kaboodle Furniture Showroom as the Inspiration for a Stylish Home

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Getting around enjoying the adorable collections of the kitchen kaboodle furniture can be something drooling. Still, it can be such the good idea which can help us to get inspired in doing some makeover in dealing with the need of having the proper idea for decorating and designing your home. Sometimes, we just feel that stuck but in the other hand, we need to make the home to be completely that enjoyable and has the fresh look. That is why designing and decorating the home is really important to be noticed. For sure, any of you are interested in having the good looking yet enjoyable home. That is for any areas there in your home including the kitchen. Designing and decorating your kitchen will be something important which many people still often forget even though actually this is the essential room and said to be the heart of a home. So, it is a good idea for you to starts spending a bit of your time focusing on the design of the kitchen, including selecting and considering the right choice of the furniture for your kitchen and getting the right design of kitchen.

Kitchen Kaboodle Furniture

Select the Right Kitchen Furniture

 The right choice of the kitchen furniture will make everything much better there. It would not be that worse to have the tiny kitchen if you manage it well. That is including choosing the right furniture for the kitchen. Then the kitchen kaboodle furniture might also be that inspiring since we can find the wide ranges of furniture which looks so perfect for the kitchen with such the stylish look and functional use. That is why going to the showroom can be so inspiring for you who are dealing with the great kitchen design and for giving inspiration in choosing the right furniture.

Kitchen Kaboodle Furniture

Notice your Kitchen Condition

When you are going to design and decorate your kitchen, you have to also consider the kitchen condition. That is including the space of your kitchen. If you have a small or even tiny kitchen, it means you need to avoid the big size furniture. You can go choosing the compact yet small sized furniture. Eliminating the not really useful furniture is also a good idea, yet the furniture which has the multi purposes will be a good choice for your small kitchen. The mobile or movable furniture, for example the wheeled kitchen island, will also be a good idea for your kitchen with the limited space. Going around the store or gallery of kitchen kaboodle furniture will also give you some inspirations.

Home Interior Paint Colors Ideas

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There are many options for home interior paint colors that can applied to your home. Each color has its meaning and effects to any room that painted. Choosing perfect colors for your room can make your home look impressive at first sight when people enter your home. The right option for your color choosing will give effects for your home and the homeowners. It called with “color psychology” as it can effect to moods and emotional.  Here are how you can make decisions for choosing right color paint ideas for your home interiors.

Home Interior Paint Colors

First, if you are not ensuring enough for choosing which right color to apply, you can start in small space such as in bathroom or in accent wall. If you painting yourself choose area that quick to do so you can see the result immediately.  To start with, start from favorite color option, drawn from your artwork gallery, furniture color or from the accessories you set. Second, thinking about your mood color before your choose home interior paint colors. Living room color will different from bedroom as it requires different moods. For example, bedroom that use for rest need soft, restful, soothe and intimate mood. For dining room, the warmer, contrast and bright color will add sociable atmosphere for dining room. For formal ambiance, you can choose deep blue green and neutral colors to pick. For children room, create active and energizing room atmosphere with bright color but do not stimulate with intensively bright hues that can lead into irritability and unrest feeling.

Home Interior Paint Colors Ideas

Next consideration that you need to choose is considering your lighting option. Different lighting option gives different feeling to your room and paint colors effect. Natural daylight in your room will show the interior truest color. The incandescent lighting can lead to warm tones and yellow sensation. Meanwhile the fluorescent lighting will cast the sharp blue tone in your room. Strong color can overpowering if it uses in entire wall or next side into large window, but this strong color will be uses effectively more when applied in accent wall and there indirect lighting.  The last but not least, you also need to consider for the color term and varies. Consider for the color hues, intensity and saturation color. For more active room feeling, stronger and intense color is preferred. For light room, choose home interior paint colors that slightly saturated more off than light pastel.
Hampton Bay Patio Chairs and Table Sets Ideas for Boosting Your Patio Area

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Hampton Bay Patio ChairsThe various collections of Hampton Bay patio chairs might be something which will be that good and inspiring to be obtained if you are completely that interested in hunting the ideas to design and decorate your home properly including for the area of your patio. That will be something great to be the ideas in dealing with the need of the comfy yet adorable house. Surely, the design of the house plays an essential role and we also could not forget about the proper plan in order to get such the great and wide ranges of ideas in dealing with the enjoyable yet good looking house. Still, sometimes extending the living area to the patio area is such a great thing which might also be your imagination of your dream house will be. Then, designing your patio area will be such a good idea and we could not forget about the design and the furniture for the patio area. The comfortable yet good looking patio area can be the place for you and your family to enjoy the free time, including enjoying the afternoon tea time or even the barbeque time.

The Stylish Patio Sets

When we are dealing with the wide ranges of options for the Hampton Bay patio chairs, it will be something good for any of you to be selective in choosing one. There will be a lot of choices of the products of patio sets and it is better to consider your need as well. You can consider the space of your patio area. If you have a limited space of patio area, choosing the small sized patio furniture sets will be the good idea. Never forget to also notice the style of your home and the condition of the patio area. If the patio area will be completely exposed by the sunlight and the totally outdoor condition, finding the patio furniture which will be that tough is a must.

Hampton Bay Patio Chairs

Comfy Patio Chairs

When you are looking for the right choice of the patio furniture set without you want to loose the comfort, you need to consider the right choice of the chairs. If you choose the iron material chairs, never forget to deal with the cushions. If there is not cushion included there, it does not matter at all since you can make the cushions yourself. That will be a good idea for keeping your stylish patio chairs to be totally enjoyable with such the proper cushions for your Hampton Bay patio chairs.

The Simple 2 Storey House Design and Plan for a Dream House

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Simple 2 Storey House Design
Simple 2 Storey House Design
The ideas of simple 2 storey house design might be something needed by many of us. If we are going to build a house, it means dealing with the proper design and plan is what we need to do now. That is because without the proper design and plans, it is hard to get the proper result as we want or need. That is the reason why it is important for any of you to deal with the design and decoration which can be totally perfect since of course any of us have the great imagination of a perfect dream house. That is why dealing with the proper design and plan of the house is completely important. However, we also need to notice the condition of the land properly so that we can enjoy the various ideas in dealing with it. That would not be really difficult to deal with the house design but perhaps you can be stuck and really worried about it. Then, finding some ideas and references for the house design and plans will be the best idea to do first. If you have such a limited land, the two storey house will be a good choice.

The Simple Design

If you have a simple character and are not really into the complicated style and look, the simple design of the house will be such the good choice. We can go to find some ideas of the simple 2 storey house design which can be suitable the most for you. The simple design or even minimalist might also be great for such a busy one since it will require the lower maintenance. That will also help you to get such the lower cost in building the house in such that simplicity. That is why finding some idea will be a good thing to inspire us in dealing with the design and plan of a simple house with two storeys.

Simple 2 Storey House Design Plan
Simple 2 Storey House Design Plan

Dealing with Style and Function

The simplicity is something which you might look for. It means eliminating the not needed details will be needed. That is the key for the design of your house will be. However, we could not forget about the function. You need to mind your needs of the house, for example you need a car port to place your car and vehicle properly, you need at least three bedrooms for fulfilling the need of your family members, and many more. So, planning the simple 2 storey house design is really important to be noticed.


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What’s the best feeling when using website to design your own house? You get your house’s visualization becoming real even in the 4D or 3D images.

Have you decided what theme you will use for the home style design? A dream home is fair to be fighting for.  By having the picture, you already have the real feeling how your house constructing will be. But, before building a house, there are some steps to make it like you have dreamt before.

Website to design your own house

The Preparation

1. Inspiration

If you want to build your dream house, it must be your well-planned house. You already know what house you want. This desire can come from some inspirations you have thought or watched before.

There are two ways to get inspiration to build a house:

Pass by the favorite neighborhoods
Having good taste of house is not enough you do not richen your home inspiration dictionary. By visiting or passing by beautiful houses like you want, you must go around your city to look at the inspiring house again. It is for giving you nonstop motivation when down.

Search pictures on the internet.
You can also search the inspiring picture about house redecoration or making through the internet. But you have to be more careful because sometimes the pictures on the internet are in abroad and too expensive.

Website to design your own house

2. Planning

If you have got the inspiration, now it’s time to meet interior design and the architects. You can say the dream house you want and let them concentrate to work instantly for you. Or, you can show the plan blueprint by yourself to the architect. How to do the planning or designing alone?

Install the website to design your own house to help you figuring out what you really want.

Autodesk Homestyler 
This app is famous as designing software to build a building like a house, office, and many more. It has 3D rendering and 3D building info and modeling. The user interface is simple and clear instruction.

The Home Renovator
This app has ability to let you choose amongst the projects of ceiling tile, ceramic tile, drywall, paint, insulation and deck.

Sweet Home 3D
If you want feel the 3D software, you can use this sweet home 3D in your computer or laptop. This software has more customization choices to some room styles.

Website to design your own house is always open to people who seek for inspiration home ideas.