How to Make Open Floor Plans for Houses with Small Spaces

Floor Plans for Houses
Open floor plans for houses in small spaces include the main living spaces into a single airy, flexible and adaptable flowing plan to the homeowners’ needs. Small houses are 1000 square feet range of dwelling characteristic. You can make the living rooms, dining room and kitchen in one large space without barriers.

Designing the Open Floor Plans for Houses 

Get a trace paper in the fit measurement to your home’s floor plan. Place the paper onto a flat work surface to get more creative and free work area. You should remove the interior walls to create the open plans. Use dark line to draw the exterior walls. Trace in the doors and windows of the exterior walls on the plan but don’t make any interior walls since it will not support the open floor plan. Not the heating vents and electrical outlets if it is a remodeling project.

Draw with a pencil all things you want to have exactly in the real world. For instance, draw a kitchen facing the backyard if you want it to be. Continue to the other areas including living room, kitchen, dining area, etc. You shouldn’t move the kitchen and bathroom location since it will cost so high to move the plumbing system. Modify the layout will bring fresh look.

Simple Floor Plans for Houses

Draw the Details inside the Open Floor Plans for Houses 

Rough out with pencil any walls you need in every room. For example, using a closet or kitchen storage doors to hang a TV or wall decorations. Think about all things needed for the family and your daily routines so you can make them in the floor plan in details. Include all storage spaces into the plan. Maximize the vertical space to create effective storages in such small space. Plenty storage will make your home more organized in the open floor plans for houses.

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