Living Room Design Ideas for Small Room

Living Room Design Ideas
A small living room can be challenging for design. When you have small living room, and want to design it, these living room design ideas can give you inspirations for your small room. There are many ways you can maximize the limited area in your living room and make it effective and efficient.

If you have limited area for your living room, but has many doubled or even multiple task for your day living, then this can be your first inspiration for setting TV in your living room. Set your television in the corner by setting the corner coffee table or set the floating shelves. This living room setting also makes the flow in your living room will not interrupted. You can still comfortable enjoy your favorite television drama and stay sitting in your couch or sofa. Make your living room always warm and inviting fro any people who enter in with fireplace even in limited space. Add sofa and an ottoman right into front for rest your feet while enjoy warn from fireplace. Set large mirror in beyond fireplace for create illumination effect of larger and spacious effect.

Modern Living Room Design Ideas

The other way in create your living room inviting is by using bold color for your living room.  The blues feeling from the blue navy palette color for living room instantly change the living room into cozy and inviting. From the plush sectional sofa that paired with soft crème paint wall, makes it look always clean even when it has dirty. Create color mix up can offer lively look impression. Take the complementary color guides as you can browse easily or ask for designer to get right color mixture. For formal living room, take dramatic accents from ceiling to floor drapes. It give everyday classic look when it paired with slipper chairs.

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