House Plans with Porches: Building a House with Front Porch

House plans with porches are interesting, don’t you think? Porches are nice to have in our house. Porches are really useful to welcome our friends, family, and relatives. Some people have a front porch, a back porch, a screened porch, and a wraparound porch. Do you know how those kinds of porches are?

House Plans with Porches

Kinds of porches of a house:

• Front porch is used to keep up with the neighborhood.

• A back porch is usually used to see the lake or beach at the back side of the neighborhood. This porch is usually less formal since it is also as the way to connect the kitchen with the back garden.

• A screened porch is usually used for people who love to enjoy seeing a garden but afraid to be bitten by bugs.

• A wraparound porch is to extend a living room or dining room where we can enjoy the garden. Let’s take a look at the ideas below to have a dream house with front porch below.

Ideas for a house plan with front porch:

House Plans with Front Porches

• The front porch you have should be inviting if it used to welcome your guests. If it is just a space for you to shake your guests’ hands and welcome them in your living room, you should make it like an intro to see your whole house design. The porch shouldn’t be different in style or design from the whole house.

• If your porch is small and you intend to use it as a space to entertain your guests, you will have to go vertical for accessories in your front porch. Take advantage most of the walls and ceiling. Make sure that the accessories are not too big.

• When we put pieces of furniture in a large front porch, we seem to be easy to do it. We can put a set of sofa together with a seat with swing, an easy chair, and tables. The accessories, plant, and fresh flowers can decorate this large porch. For a small porch, we can at least have a sofa for two people, folded chairs that can be used only if we have more than one guest, a folded table, an ottoman that can be used as a coffee table and as a seat.

• When we talk about accessories for our porch we cannot forget about curtains to block the sunlight. The curtain should be tied in order not to wave.

We can see that a porch is so functional, right? So, it is worth trying to have at least the most important porch—the front porch in our house. It is hoped that the article about house plans with porches will give you inspiration.

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