How to Make Open Small Home Floor Plans

Small Home Floor PlansSmall home floor plans in opened style should be designed by combining the main living spaces into one continuing plan that is airy, flexible, and also adaptable to the needs of the homeowners. You can make it by showing the living room, dining room and kitchen in one large space without any walls and doors. If you have about 1000 square feet area, then you can make it to be a perfect small home.

Start Drawing on a Trace Paper

Take a piece of trace paper and then measure it to fit your home’s floor plan neatly. Tape the paper pieces onto a flat surface so you can work freely to get creative ideas to make the plan for your house’s original structure. If you have this project for redesigning, then you need to remove the interior walls.  

Make All of the Outlines

Continue with tracing all of the home’s outlines on your trace paper. Use darker lines for exterior walls. You don’t need to draw the interior walls if you want to make an open floor plan for the small home floor plans. Also trace the exterior windows and doors on the plan. If you make the plan to remodel your home, then you should note the spots of heating vents and electrical outlets.
Show all of features in the plan by write them down with a pencil, such as a backyard behind the kitchen, etc. Consider about the right locations for the bathroom and plumbing system because moving them will be expensive.

Small Home Floor Plans

Make the Design Based on Your Needs

Make the floor plans based on your needs about how every space will be made. For instance, you need a wall to hang a flat screen TV, cabinetry, storage, and so on. Draw each of them with a pencil so you can make it on the plan. Make sure all of the parts can be functional and suitable for the small home floor plans with the daily routines of the family members.

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