Two Ideas Of Best Book For Software Architecture

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Are you in love with the architecture subject? Well, architecture is one of the great study subject, which will bring you having a nice future. Yes, it is because architect has high level in salary when they get project. In order to have the bright future, of course you need to study hard. Talking about the architecture subjeect, here we will talk about kinds of best book for software architecture, which could accompany your study time. See some ideas of book for software architecture below and get many experiences and new knowledge from it.

Book For Software Architecture

Software architecture: foundation, theory and practice 

It is the first kind of the book for software architecture, which you need to read. This book includes in top 10 must read book about architecture. Here, several people, as Richard N Taylor, Nenad, John Wiley, and Eric, write this book in 2009. This book is so great because it tells about many theory of architecture, which could be the best foundation of your knowledge. In other hand, this book is written with the academic style, so it is easier to be understood because of its systematically writing style.

Best Book For Software Architecture

Pattern-oriented software architecture

The second great book that could be used to learn more about architecture is pattern-oriented software architecture, which is written by Frank Buschmann, Regine Meunier, and friends in 1996. This book is actually the volume 1. It is one of the best book for software architecture, which tells about the kinds of the pattern of architecture with some detail discussions. In other hand, this one of book for software architecture also becomes the reference in some colleges. However, this book becomes rare now. Well, you may collect the e-book of it. I am sure that you will love this book much!

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