Why You Need Oversized Garage Door

When designing a garage, it is important take some time to consider the size of the garage door. It is good to think that you may need 10 ft. tall garage door. You also should consider increasing the size of the garage. Even if you have only a single medium size car, it is good to consider spending some extra money to make larger garage, as well as oversized garage door. Standard garage door will be able to accommodate a medium size car but not ordinary pickup truck or large SUV. In many cases an 8 ft. high door will not give an enough vertical clearance. Many times the mirrors of trucks will be unable to make through a 7 ft. width garage door.

10 ft tall garage door

10 foot garage door rough opening

If you do the project with builder and architect, you will find that you do not need to spend much more to increase the garage height. A garage with 11 ft. high side walls will accommodate a 10 ft. door. So, why do you need it? If you have a pickup truck, sooner or later you will have it loaded with a high load, which will easily make it into the garage because of the weather. If you use the roof rack of your SUV with a luggage box, it will be unable to go through a standard 7 foot high garage door, so you need a oversized garage door.

9x10 garage door

In many cases people will opt for a 10 ft. tall garage door. The door gives you the width you need. Designing and building a home with an oversized garage door is a good investment. Though if you never use the garage to its full potential, bigger garage will appeal to a larger market especially if you want to sell your home. Large garage door sizes allow the next owner to store all their toys in the garage easily.

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